Sunday, July 28, 2013

Four days and counting

So my OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview - not sure if I mentioned this before) got moved from Friday to tomorrow.  Which has given me more time to prepare.  Only I have another oral presentation tomorrow and I'm leading a class discussion on Wednesday, so frankly I haven't been focusing that much on the OPI.  And we'll be starting a new lesson Tuesday, because that's what most people do after a final exam. 

They're really keeping us busy right to the end, aren't they?

I also need to find out where my luggage got off to.  I think the cleaning ladies may have moved it, but I'm not sure.  With any luck it's still lurking around here somewhere.

I purchased another five books the day before yesterday, bringing my total up to fifteen if you don't count the cookbooks.  Two of them are on philosophy and one of them discusses Quantum Mechanics and the Big Bang Theory.  As of right now, though, I mostly seem to be reading about hashish use in Cairo in the sixties.

Tonight I ate my last meal in the cafeteria - four more futoors and I'll be boarding an airplane home.  I'm mostly ready to come back, but at the same time I feel as though I could make tremendous progress in the language if I stayed another month or two.  I'm also very nervous about losing everything I've learned.

I'm also very nervous about my Spanish.  With any luck my complete incapacity now is due to the intense situation and everything will come rushing back when I'm back in the States.  Or maybe not.  I can only say that you should have heard me trying to communicate with one of my Moroccan friend's Spanish cousin when we went to her house for Futoor on Friday.  I find in particular the connectors and the prepositions are escaping me.  Don't be surprised if, during the first week back, a few Arabic words find their way into a conversation. 

I leave you now for the last of the shebakia and some juice fresh off the street.  I plan on posting at least once more before I leave, but in case that falls through:  America, I look forward to seeing you.

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